2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


Media Placement MUBADARA Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

The product is Prepaid packages, which are targeted to the younger consumer and to the consumer who doesn’t like a commitment. The campaign is a continuation of the previous campaign of the same product, so the platform that remained the same with a little twist is “Your Mood”, wherein the previous campaign the emphasis was on the unlimited services that the packages offer that could better a person’s mood. Now, we’re confirming that prepaid packages are tailor-made to live up to your mood.


Problem Mobily’s competition is fierce in terms of communicating to the younger consumer, as this campaign fell on the Back to School season. So, Mobily needed a different approach to appeal the targeted audience and resonate throughout the season. Also, we need to reposition Mobily’s prepaid packages to its right place in terms of having the best offers for best prices. Solution With the Back to School season coming up, it is a great opportunity to reshape the prepaid package approach to its targeted audience. Mobily is young, vibrant, and bold, which leads us to the need of developing a positioning campaign with a relevant direction to the young generation that is all about new trends and living the moment through a hip music video that speaks the young lingo, plays the newest music, and lives the same lifestyle.

Describe the creative idea

We needed to speak the target audience’s language to be able to reach the most possible of them, so, we thought that we should be going for a lifestyle direction to bring this campaign closer to their environment and they can feel that this is actually speaking to them, personally. However, a mere lifestyle direction and beauty shots won’t do the needed to build an identity for the product in the long run. The best solution that could be a win-win situation in terms of having the campaign approach the targeted audience effectively and help in maintaining the strategy of appropriately building an identity for the product where the consumer will remember this campaign after years from now, is to have a hip and trendy song go viral and take over the virtual world and be stuck in their minds, which the artist did a good job at it.

Describe the strategy

The song had motivational lyrics to make the young generation understand what Mobily is offering them, not only prepaid packages, but they’re clearing the sky for them and showing them the benefits that they can take advantage of with those packages.The campaign has launched the reactions were positive and the outdoor visuals were everywhere with the heroes from the video on them. As well as, the views on YouTube were growing fast. Then it was time to engage the audience and make them part of this campaign, so, they can have that personal memory from it. We customized a special lens on Snapchat derived from the art direction of this campaign’s materials Also, started a lipsync challenge on TikTok, which had a very high number of views and participants, along with the on ground flashmob

Describe the execution

This campaign was full INTGRATED 360 communication ( TV, OOH, Digital ( owned and paid ) , Radio, Onground, Retail & POS Material, Direct Marketing activations) we started this campaign from Sep 29 -2019 to Nov 2 – 2019

List the results

1. 5.3M views on YouTube till date 2. Sales increased during the month of the campaign by 8% ( almost double % from the previous prepaid campaign. 3. Buying against audiences that are most likely to make and action with great results with CTR% being almost 3X higher 4. First radio campaign for Mobily in 2019 that aired through all the 6 commercial stations 6. 90 million impressions across all SM platforms 7. 11 channels & 1,000 spots delivering 2,340 GRP 8. 624.1M views on the lip sync challenge on TikTok 9. The prepaid campaign has done significantly well compared to the prepaid benchmarks


Name Company Role
Samir Siddiqi fullstop Managing Director
Haitham EL MANAWATI fullstop Client Servicing Director
Rayan Jari fullstop Client Servicing
Abdulhamid al omier fullstop Client Servicing
Fahad alahmed fullstop Creative Director
Islam serag fullstop Creative
Abdulmumin (Jotaro) Alfadel Fullstop AP
eric Evangelista Fullstop Sr.Art Director
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