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Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

Given that kids are our biggest fans and our core target audience, we understand that peer to peer bullying is one of the key issues that face them everyday. That is why as Cartoon Network we decided to act as a bridge to try and address this issue and informing children and parents about the effects of bullying while providing them with practical ways to counter it. Hence we needed to have a 360 degree approach through various touch points to make sure our messages are clearly heard and conveyed. The integrated campaign combined Digital, PR, Advertising, Social Media, creative


A study conducted by Cartoon Network and research firm Opinion Matters showed that 85% of parents with children aged 6-12 years surveyed in the UAE are aware that their child have or currently are being bullied previously. The objective of the ‘CN Buddy Network’ campaign was to raise awareness about this important issue and findings the rights ways to address it through partnering with professional and certified experts as well as speaking the language of kids. kids, parents and teachers to communicate the issue of bullying and how they can identify and address it and EMPOWERING kids to speak up against bullying, as well as to be aware of their own actions and of bullying happening around them.

Describe the creative idea

The ‘CN Buddy Network’ campaign with the slogan ‘Be a Buddy Not a Bully’ focused on highlighting the positives of friendship ‘Be a Buddy’ and inclusion through a series of content. Cartoon Network Studios created bespoke animated characters in video series to portray situations children are exposed to whether they are bullied, bullying or observing a bullying incident. We also partnered with YouTube sensations Rawan and Rayan who appeal to a great segment of our audience to create a music video that encourages children to ‘Be a Buddy Not a Bully’ the song has been viewed more than 6.5 million times so far. We also partnered with the RTA to talk to parents and the wider audience – these included bridge banners, Busses, digital screens and the Dubai Tram. Furthermore, we conducted more than 30 school workshops with certified child psychologists covering more than 6000 students across the UAE

Describe the strategy

The ‘CN Buddy Network’ campaign targeted children aged 5 to 12 along with their parents and teachers at local schools and institutions. This is the same age group Cartoon Network as a channel targets with its TV, Digital and Social content aimed to champion kids be themselves. As a children focused channel, we wanted to give back to our audience and start a conversation around a serious issue they face during their childhood – bullying. We started with a research that showed that 85% of parents with children aged 6-12 years surveyed in the UAE are aware that their child has been or currently is being bullied either physically, verbally, or on social platforms. Our approach included the development of a website and digital content, outdoor, a music video, school workshops, PR activities and media relations, and social media influencers’ collaborations.

Describe the execution

The ‘CN Buddy Network’ campaign launched in October 2019 to Jan 2020 and included the below elements: Digital Content: The ‘CN Buddy Network’ campaign comprised the creation of digital assets such as educational content, anti-bullying animation videos, and a music video clip performed by YouTube’s star singers; Rawan and Rayan which was produced by Sony Music. The content was leveraged on social media platforms and a dedicated microsite for the campaign https://beabuddy.cartoonnetworkmena.com/en/ On-ground Activations: 30 school workshop sessions were held at 15 schools in partnership with psychologists reaching more than 6000 students OOH: OOH campaign in partnership with RTA Dubai covering the Tram, Metro, Taxis, bridges, and Digital public transportation screens PR: Press conference, influencer marketing and editorial content. - Assets: We produced anti-bullying kits (Buddy Kits) including various games and tools to engage children in anti-bullying activities that were distributed to social media influencers, media,

List the results

Music video: 6.5 Million Views  Earned Media (PR Value): 1M USD X 85 print and digital clippings  Interviews (5 TV – 7 Radio) Influencer Engagement Results: Engagement = 248K Likes + 7500K Comments and 421K views School Workshops: 30 anti-bullying sessions in partnership with psychologists at 15 schools reaching over 6000 students CN Buddy Network Website Visitors: +126K unique visitors Social Media Owned channels: +3M Reach OOH Advertising: $ +200K Earned Value


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Mohamed Sheiha WarnerMedia Client
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