2020/2021 Winners & Shortlists


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CategoryFMCG including Food & Drink


Lebanon has diverse landscapes and rich agricultural and wine heritage, which are abundant sources of national pride. For over a decade, IXSIR has celebrated this shared love of the land and its harvests by developing an eco-conscious culture of care and nurture, producing one of Lebanon’s finest wines. IXSIR puts a great amount of attention into growing, treating and fermenting their grapes. Annually, the winery releases a limited edition wine bottle to honor the pillars they achieve in addition to their rich terroir –– one of which is at a 18000m altitude, the highest in the Northern Hemisphere. We decided to focus on this little known and exceptional practice in order to enlighten the consumer about the long journey the grapes go through to become the wine they enjoy. The brief required us to work solely on the bottle, without further campaigning, with a branding production budget of 80,000$.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Have you ever thought about what grapes go through to become wine? Grapes brave the elements –– heavy rain, intense sunlight and powerful winds –– which give each vintage a unique story and distinct character. Grapes undergo remarkably changing conditions that, over time, culminate into exceptional wines. This long process resonated with the Lebanese people who are currently moving through economic instability and political unrest, towards a hopeful and better future. The bottle, which illustrates the beginning of the grape’s journey, also encourages the Lebanese people to together keep braving the current changes. The end of one story is simply the beginning of another.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

IXSIR collects extensive climate conditions for every harvest. We used algorithms and math to mine the annual data of one terroir, gathering thousands of numbers about the three main elements that shape the taste of wine. We made this data relevant, using it to drive the creative process and outcome. We gave the numbers voice and let the bottle tell its own story by turning the data into a strong design fueled with the narrative. The 6,904 pieces of information we gathered were used to create an infographic that illustrated the average monthly temperature, precipitation and direction and speed of wind for the Batroun Heights, 2012 vintage. This visual information was then meticulously silkscreened onto a limited series of bottles. This collectors piece was made available for purchase in traditional points of sale and various specialty boutiques across Lebanon.

List the results (20% of vote)

IXSIR broke a personal record, selling 85% of the Grande Reserve Limited Edition bottle in six weeks, during a time when FMCG sales were heavily impacted due to political instability and economic crisis in Lebanon. Wine alone witnessed a 30% decrease in sales from 2018, making the 2019 sales an even greater achievement. The sophisticated bottle was distinct and stood out from other brands’ end-of-year POSM clutter, accentuating IXSIR’s brand awareness, visibility, and trial rate. On and offline conversation buzzed with excitement about next year’s version and the story it would tell, with many people keeping the bottle as the first of many collectibles to come. IXSIR established itself as the national wine that celebrated its heritage, braved its story and encouraged its consumers to tell their own. Data-driven design set the bottle and the brand in altitudes beyond.


Name Company Role
Elie Al-Marji Wondereight Creative management
Sara Ballout Wondereight Idea and Execution