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CategoryTravel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Idea Creation TPHDDB Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA


Altayyar is primarily perceived as a B2B/B2G brand with vast number of branches where individual customers may come in to book tickets or get visas processed but its not known well for booking complete vacation experiences. Competition is tough in the form of numerous online platforms like Booking, Trivago, Mosafer (part of AlTayyar Group), airlines and their websites like Saudia & Emirates et al. The brief in short was: • Increase awareness & establish relevance for Altayyar in a digital-first market • Drive preference and conversion • Demonstrate to our Saudi target audiences that we understand travel from their perspective Our main objectives (vs performance in 2017): • Increase number of transactions across Altayyar’s overall retail portfolio by 5%. • Increase individual bookings of hotels through Altayyar by 15% • Raise number of flight bookings for “vacation” destinations by 5 % • Increase revenue generated by AlTayyar’s website by 20%

Describe the creative idea.

Hashtag it your way! Don't let others define what your vacation can be - express it yourself.\ As a Saudi, you are well exposed to the world. Let the world know what you think of it! Using very local insights and terminologies, we rebranded international destinations according to what Saudis might find interesting there.

Describe the strategy.

Travel communication is mostly similar. Imagery of destinations that is designed to excite viewers towards action. Everyone is communicating similar destinations. It becomes difficult to differentiate and most of the time, customers are expected to fend for themselves in planning and booking vacations online. What we end up with are same offers packaged in a similar way – one can remove a logo from one travel firm and replace it with another's - no one can tell the difference Our key audiences were families, groups of adults and honeymooners. We sought to drive conversation around our brand on through digital media through our hashtag which invited people to express what their view was about a destination and also encouraged them to do so via content we had created that showed each destination from a very local and Saudi perspective.

Describe the execution.

Digital: The Campaign was led by video content, digital ads (static and animated) across major audience relevant websites and drove traffic to our website, call centers and even prompted customers to visit our branches. Our Video content was all about stories narrated by people when they travel. These videos explored unique insights relevant to Saudis and spoke of destinations from their perspectives. Social Media: Our social media channels supported our approach by creating a disruptive argument - when we travel, why do we listen and behave according to everything we are used to hearing? How can visiting Paris and doing the same things over and over again create lasting memories? Hence our Hashtag, #Hashtagityourway. Why settle for someone else's perspective on your travel decisions? Take control and see if a destination offers something you can relate to and enjoy!

List the results.

Reach: Impressions reached= 236,776,117 vs estimated 51,601,709 (Achieved % 458.9%) Engagement: 6,040,154 vs estimated 26,429 (Achieved% 22854%) Sales & Achievements vs Business Targets: Revenue generated through our website Altayyar online more than doubled with an increase of 123% in SR spending by customers YOY vs 2017.(Targeted: 20%) Number of transactions across Altayyar’s overall retail portfolio rose by 10% compared to the year before. (Targeted: 5%) Individual bookings of hotels increased by 36% YOY. (Targeted: 15%) Flight bookings for “vacation” destinations soared by 10% YOY vs 2017. (targeted: 5%, Also - 1% represents 8500 bookings)


Name Company Role
Ali Mirza tphDDB Strategic Planner
Ali Baasiri tphDDB Executive Creative Director
Adel Alsayeh tphDDB Communications Manager
Musaed Alshehri tphDDB Arabic Copywriter
Salma AlShrief tphDDB Social Media Manager
Sara Altuwaijri Altayyar Travel Marketing Director
Moness Alabras tphDDB Graphic Designer
Nehad Hajar tphDDB Art Director
Sameer Kharpude tphDDB Associate Creative Director
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