2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryViral Film
Idea Creation BIGFOOT FILMS Cairo, EGYPT

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

“You Are Meaningless”, is a looping 3-word long music video that is created using a familiar tune and ascending notes. The one-shot song features, Tameem Youness, an infamous creative/director/comedian and now, lead singer. Located in a corner of what-seems-like their jamming session area, they’re set-up much like the average band; Tameem in the middle and his band surrounds him. Contradicting haphazard meaningless elements aided the virality of the song, with the band is dressed up in shirts and ties while fiddling with their instruments in a foolish way. The choreography, clockwork and almost-improvised where renown social media elites and entertainers enter the frame to do meaningless gestures. The music tempo cues in for visual changes, smoke and change in light intensity. Halfway through the video, a what-seems-like an international feature, drops in the frame to sing what sounds like Greek language, but in reality, is gibberish.

Cultural/Context information for the jury.

Tameem Youness is not your average entertainer and is known and loved among Egyptians. Unannounced, he challenge the big leagues of the music industry for a first of its kind, unexpected viral win. Summer season meant music season; we treated the music video as if it were a comedy sketch; crafting the perfect fusion of music and comedy to compete with the music industry tycoons. It was intended to be a culturally-impactful piece of content; and it became a widespread-inside-joke between friends and family. The song follows an artful lyrical approach which consists of repeating only three words throughout the whole song. Each time, the same three words managed to evoke a different feeling, enunciated with immense depth and range of emotion. This was exactly how a low production, 3-word song that said nothing and was sung by a comedian, managed to surpass the success of the international music tycoons.


Name Company Role
Tameem Youness Freelance Director Director
Begad Omran Bigfoot Films Executive Producer
Nada Faied Bigfoot Films Producer
Shahd Azzam Bigfoot Films Assistant Producer
Wael Alaa Byrdkill Composer
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