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CategoryExcellence in Audience Engagement & Distribution Strategy

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

In Ramadan, people’s decisions are always derived and based on attractive content. As for that, Toyota has decided to differentiate itself from other brands and stand out through presenting Um-Khaled the mother of hagglers. In this case, we have introduced the mother of haggling um-Khaled who was able to haggle on all Toyota’s models. We have succeeded to gain the attention of our target audience tapping into what most needed, in which offers were released in a way that grabs their attention and engages with them especially at this time due to the rough economic situation.


During Ramadan, automotive sales soar and the competition among all the automotive industry in Jordan increases drastically and the buyers await Ramadan offers to believe that brands present customers with the best deals during the month, which makes it very hard for any brand to break through. In addition to the rough economic situation due to governmental tax increases on the hybrid, car weight and Income. Toyota’s main objectives were to exceed the number of sold units achieved in Ramadan 2017 which is 170 units by doubling the number of sold units in this month, increase brand engagement on a deeper level to foster long-term loyalty and become the brand of choice with its current customers as well as target audience.

Describe the creative idea.

Ramadan is the hottest season for offers. Jordanians put their purchase power on hold until this month arrives. However, people still believe that no matter how the offer they can haggle and get a better deal. As for that, we created the world’s best haggler and every business’ worst nightmare. “Um Khaled” The mother of all hagglers. Um Khaled who was able to get the best deals on all Toyota's models. She started in 30 episodes of haggling 101 during Ramadan. She shared tips, tricks and more while haggling with Toyota salesmen. Her tips posters were placed all around the showroom and she even released a personal guide for haggling highlighting tricks that Um Khaled uses to haggle and called it “haggling 101”.

Describe the strategy

Due to the country’s unsettled economic situation with the government, people were more cautious than ever. Therefore, we are looking at Class C to A audience who are price driven. Price-conscious consumers knowing how much an item would cost always looking for the best deals and avoid buying things which are very expensive for them. They generally see value for money and are value conscious too. They are the People that are always hunting for the best deals. For marketers, it's the discounts time. And for consumers, the time to haggle over the price of everything they needed to buy. This came naturally. People in Jordan LOVE to haggle. It is in their DNA. These were tough times for Toyota, they had to demonstrate that they were on their customers’ side. They had to show that their prices were already haggled for. And mercilessly.

Describe the execution

Um Khaled started in 30 episodes of haggling 101 during Ramadan. She shared tips, tricks and more while haggling with Toyota salesmen. Her tips posters were placed all around the showroom and she even released a personal guide for bargaining each highlighting a trick that Um Khaled uses to haggle and called it “haggling 101”. We also compiled all 30 tips in a booklet and distributed it on clients. People during this month are constantly browsing for entertainment and always looking for content that grabs their attention. As for that, we have created 4 TVC's that was aired during the highest viewership segment on local channel Roy’a TV and social media as well as a microsite to compile all offers, mini-series as well as the booklet in one place. We even created a stamp of approval: “Prices like Um Khaled got them” and pasted it across all of our communication.

Describe the outcome

A. Exceeded sales targets, 2017 sold 170 units, 2018 sold 300 units B. Increased footfall in 300% from last year, a number of 120 visitors to showroom a day for a total of 31 days. C. Awareness: Measured by the number of viewership as well as the 50% increase in the number of followers. D. Engagement: measured by the number of shares, likes and comments which increased by 50% E. Jordanian public protested internal tax policies and high prices. They used Um Khaled as an icon asking her to sit with the Jordanian Prime Minister and haggle with him to lower taxes and became the Allay of the Jordanian people. F. Traffic and the massive number of requests for test drives on the website and its conversion rate.


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Rawan Khuffash J. Walter Thompson Account Manager
Gilbert Abdallah J. Walter Thompson Associate Creative Director
Basel Jumaa J.Walter Thompson Creative Director
Tala Qareen J. Walter Thompson Chief Executive Officer
Mohammud Ali J. Walter Thompson Copywriter
Sami Al Farah J.Walter Thompson Account Director
Jude Al Amin J. Walter Thompson Art Director
Ramsey Al Naja J.Walter Thompson Chief Creative Officer
Chafic Haddad J.Walter Thompson Executive Creative Director
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