2019 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryCreative Effectiveness
Additional Company VODAFONE EGYPT Cairo, EGYPT


Undergoing the worst economic crisis in decades, the devaluation of the Egyptian pound and a 36% increase on all prepaid card prices, spending and purchasing behavior of the population across all industries was affected. Economic conditions continued to negatively affect brands and consumers when a sales tax law was amended, increasing the service VAT from 13% to 14% . With a suffering category, financially limited consumer and a peaking sim-card duality rate, and the inability to compete with the new market entrant that was acquiring thousands of consumers every month, panic hit the industry. Given that a price war was out of the question, we decided to alter the basic value of the top-up cards market; something that has been untouched since its existence. By creating a permanent double-paneled scratch card, “King of Cards,” we automatically decreased the value of any competitive recharge-card value across the category, compensating consumers with double the value with every recharge. By deriving the creative idea from the business strategy, we decided to translate our business solution into our creative expression. Focusing on the target’s most relevant need, money, our launch promotion of the new card’s second panel was cash, and taking advantage of its shortage, Vodafone decided to develop its creative expression and new segment purpose by literally ‘making it rain.’ Using the brand’s already existing, relevant and admired asset, the genie mascot, coupled with three of the most powerful uprising pop-cultural stars, we created an edutainment, hip music video and original tune using a street-born electro-pop music genre. From a campaign idea to a physical experience, our ‘make it rain’ concept was a national showdown. Using our celebrities, song, and a branded tour-bus, we created a nationwide money-shower festival, that kicked off in Cairo, making its way across the county, supported by a fully-fledged social media and outdoor campaign. Besides the unprecedented communication results, including exceeding viewership benchmarks by 1000% and engagement rates that reached 1,000,000 in volume, our market penetration increased by a staggering 14% in 6 weeks. With a 2X jump in brand awareness and reach across governorates, the song became the first of its kind to create such impact given its lyrical tactical nature of singing about recharge cards and the scratching mechanism. Considered its most revenue generating commercial move, all business results surpassed objectives beyond the brand’s expectations. In 6 weeks, the campaign decreased dual-sim card users rate by 260% from the benchmark, increased total redemption by 9% and total recharge revenue by 8% and promo re-usage revenues to 74% of users. Given the unprecedented impact, this case proved that human consideration and consumer-driven understanding is the basis for creating the most effective kind of creativity, that drives innovative, resonating and market-changing solutions. It wasn’t just another prepaid card that led to this campaign’s effectiveness; it was about challenging the how, the where and the why.


Name Company Role
Hany Shoukry J. Walter Thompson Cairo CEO
Mai Azmy J. Walter Thompson Cairo Managing Director
Diana George J. Walter Thompson Cairo Business Unit Director
Heba Hosny J. Walter Thompson Cairo Account Director
Karim Magdy J. Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Account Executive
Ibrahim Islam J. Walter Thompson Cairo Creative Head
Farah Sultan J. Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Copywriter
Marwa Khalifa J. Walter Thompson Cairo Senior Art Director
Amir Adib J. Walter Thompson Cairo Planning Director
Tameem Youness Freelance Director Director
Ahmed Tarek Yehia Freelancer Music Composer
Begad Omran BigFoot Films Executive Producer
Mayar Tarek BigFoot Films Producer
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