2019 Winners & Shortlists


Type of EntryUse of Direct
CategoryUse of Ambient Media: Small Scale

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

This campaign is relevant for the Direct category as it targeted Big Mac lovers across the region with the MacCoin Clamshell, a limited-edition and highly sought-after collectable created to strengthen the bond between our audience and the iconic Big Mac on the burger’s 50th anniversary. The MacCoin Clamshell was designed to amplify the launch of the MacCoin, while the use of our teaser film, social media, and influencer content, built excitement around the launch with a call to action driving people to McDonald’s restaurants to collect all 5 MacCoins while stocks lasted.


In 2018 Big Mac celebrated its 50th anniversary globally with the MacCoin. Inspired by the Big Mac Index, every coin was worth one Big Mac anywhere in the world, making it the first fully food-backed currency accepted across all borders. Our task was to strengthen the bond between consumers and the iconic Big Mac by leveraging on this global idea.

Describe the creative idea.

To promote the MacCoin in the region we had a big idea that came in a very small package. Thinking inside the box, we created 200,000 of the smallest Big Mac clamshells in the world. These cute, iconic, and highly collectable clamshells that housed the MacCoin would be distributed in McDonald’s restaurants across the region, making the coin even more desirable for Big Mac lovers and regular McDonald’s customers across the GCC.

Describe the strategy.

The Big Mac has been an iconic McDonald’s product for the past 50 years, desired by generation after generation. To celebrate the anniversary of this icon, 5 unique golden coins were distributed by hand across the globe with every Big Mac purchase. Just like the Big Mac, it’s never nice to receive the burger without the packaging. It makes you feel as if there’s something missing. It’s like giving a gift without the wrapping. Here lied an opportunity to enhance the MacCoin experience. So just like how the Big Mac came in a clamshell, so would the MacCoin. That’s why we created a package that not only gave people the coin, but also gave them a piece of Big Mac heritage.

Describe the execution.

We launched the idea with a teaser film on social media that told people that something big was coming their way, the MacCoin. We then sent clamshells to key influencers across the region to build more hype and give a few lucky people the chance to win them. This push was supported with social content on multiple channels including Big Mac trivia posts to entice fans even further. Finally, we released all 200,000 MacCoins across the region on the same day, the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac.

List the results.

Contrary to 50th birthdays, this was a happy one. All 200,000 MacCoins were sold out in just 5 days, and amazingly over 70% of them were kept as collectibles and not redeemed. It was more than just a promotional offer, for Big Mac Lovers, this was a sentimental keepsake that reminded them of the all the good times they had with Big Mac growing up. If that wasn’t enough, the MacCoin reached 21 million different people across the GCC.


Name Company Position
Bechara Mouzannar Leo Burnett Chief Creative Officer
André Nassar Leo Burnett Dubai Regional Executive Creative Director
Tariq Ayass Leo Burnett Dubai Creative Director
Rodrigo Leal Rodrigues Leo Burnett Dubai Head of Art
Felipe Menezes Leo Burnett Dubai Senior Art Director
Mahmoud Jaber Leo Burnett Dubai Senior Account Manager
Shereen Mostafa Leo Burnett Dubai Head of TV Production
Zeina Daoud Leo Burnett Dubai TV Producer
Rami Itani Leo Burnett Dubai Communication Director
Waleed Bachank Leo Burnett Dubai Copywriter
Layal Hassi Leo Burnett Dubai Planning Director
Sunil DCosta Leo Burnett Dubai Print Production Manager
Ali Zghaibi Leo Burnett Dubai Communication Executive
Sally Ballout Leo Burnett Dubai Planning Director