2018 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceMONEY CLUB
CategoryCustomer Retail / in-Store Experience

The Campaign

The idea was simply to transform the sales receipts into love notes. To make that happen, Money Club customers had to interact with the brand through social media and register their message, go to stores with their loved ones and shop. Thus, thanks to the St. Valentines’e Day, the brand could strengthen emotional bond with its customers and attract them to the store. In addition, the idea would have a direct impact on sales. Migros, on the other hand, created a channel and used it for the first time. Moreover, it would have permanently presented a new medium to convey the messages of thousands of products and brands found in the store.

Creative Execution

We created “AskTamBanaGöre” page, with the inspiration of Money Club’s personal campaign app “Tam Bana Göre”. In order for messages to be written on Migros sales receipts, we redirected social media users to our page and we asked them to write their Valentine’s Day messages along with their Money Club Card number. We gave tips to those who did not know their Money Club Card number and those who were looking for ways to take their loved ones to Migros on that day. And we increased interaction with the help of hashtag #AskTamBanaGöre. On St. Valentine’s Day, shoppers from Migros encountered a love message at the end of their sales receipts, so we were able to surprise Migros shoppers and make them feel privileged in our world.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

In the campaign that needs to be shop in order to print the love message, 6,500 receipts with Valentine’s Day message were printed. In just 48 hours, over 5 million interactions were provided on social media. Migros sales increased 1,6% compared to the previous Valentine’s Day. On social media the project received more than 10K likes. 100 couples who shared their receipts via #AskTamBanaGöre, won free movie tickets. But most importantly, 3 people got the proposal for marriage over this channel for the first time in the world.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

This work is directly related to Promo & Activation Lynx because it directs consumers to get into action and shop. On St. Valentine's Day, the brand has invented a medium for customers to create their own messages for their loved ones instead of communicating with its own –and probably cliche- message. And invites them to interact. On the other hand, it does this with a sense of emotion instead of a financial reward. Moreover, the brand has given its customers a memorable gift and experience that they can not forget throughout their lives.

We’ve designed an opportunity communication to include Migros to the expenses that have been made on this special day, without falling into cliches. We also cared about emotional and experiential dimension of the project and we wanted Money Club Card customers to receive messages from their loved ones in a way they never expected. So we came up with the idea of transforming sales receipts into a priceless medium.


Name Company Role
Neslihan Besen Oliver Istanbul Creative Director
Levent Goksu Ozsaygi Oliver Istanbul Art Director
Eren Tolga Oliver Istanbul Art Director
Utku Sobay Oliver Istanbul Copywriter
Ugur Savci Oliver Istanbul Producer
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