2017 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceRUNNING SHOES
CategoryOnline Ad

The Campaign

The creative idea was based on our understanding of the consumer. Women aged 18-39 years old, ABC1 social class represent 8.42% of our total population. 60% of our audience access the internet daily from Desktop while 40% from mobile. They do and play sports primarily for their well-being. Well-being drives their desire to look good and their desire to challenge themselves. They also want to experience things with others.

Creative Execution

Using several rich media formats on local websites visited by females for branding & impact/engagement purposes and to create buzz. Create awareness by showcasing the look and feel of the shoe and recruiting new customers and encourage word of mouth amongst target audience, Friends & colleagues to talk about and visit store to strengthen relationship & association. To create hype around the new shoes, we took over the top visited websites by our target and ran a special execution. Once a user visits the website, the shoe crosses from the left to the right side of the screen above the content and lands win the leaderboard which then automatically expands and covers the screen while playing the YouTube video. This was supported by presence using standard banners to increase our reach at an efficient cost.

The campaign drove 71,000 clicks at a CTR% of 5.02 (5X higher than expected) and a CPC of $0.36 (96% lower than expected). The special execution itself had a CTR of 9.19%

We aimed to build brand engagement by interacting with the consumer on the top websites visited by having an out of the box and special dynamic online execution. Over and above building WOM through Brand awareness, we want to drive interest and engagement with our audience through impactful and creative executions in order to generate the maximum buzz and WOM. Focus on premium, high-impact placements supported by standard banners to extend reach. Look for impact over reach to portray this aspirational product and drive traffic.


Name Company Role
Jennifer Wartabedian Carat Associate Media Director - Digital
Sanaa Nassar Carat Associate Media Director
Myriam Ghanem Carat Media Executive
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