2016 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantBLITZ Beirut, LEBANON
CategoryUse of Exhibitions and Installations
Entrant Company BLITZ Beirut, LEBANON
Advertising Agency BLITZ Beirut, LEBANON
Production Company CAIMAN Beirut, LEBANON

The Brief

Lebanon has been under economic strain and security unrest for quite some time and this situation affected the general interest in cultural activities. Al Bustan Festival, landmark of classical music in Lebanon, was suffering from these circumstances, and from a prejudice perception from the youth, who perceived it for the old. The challenge was to steer attention away from the country's pessimistic vibe, engage people in culture firsthand, and change the way they perceive the Festival. The strategy was to create a a low-budget yet innovative idea directly targeting the right audience – mostly the youth, who are into music – at their favorite hangout place.

Creative Execution

A talking piano was built by covering the instrument with a black, sleek black wooden box branded with the festival's logo, and fitted with a visible computer screen. It was placed in a noticeable spot at ABC Dbayeh, one of the busiest malls in Lebanon frequented by all social classes, and kept for a week in mid February - a very busy period for indoor venues in Lebanon. It was designed to invite shoppers to play it by talking out messages displayed simultaneously on the screen. Every player was met with a comment from the piano, either a humorous one for his mediocre performance, or a commending one for those who impressed, and giving them reward tickets to the festival. The activation went just as construed.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

At the site of the activation, people loved the talking piano. Word of it spread and there was a constantly long queue in front of it the entire week. The country’s most prominent newspapers wrote about it, naming it an innovative initiative. This spread the word to a new, larger crowd that was not at the mall then and there. The activation also went all over social media. High readership bloggers wrote positive reviews, expanding awareness among the youth. Shortly after, it made it to international websites and blogs and even reached National French TV, which highlighted the activation as an example of new advertising trends and technologies. In numbers, there was a 55% increase in participation at the festival, of which 80% were under the age of 35. There was a 25% increase in likability, and at least 100 000$ worth of free media thanks to the viral effect.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The talking piano falls under promo and activation because it is an in-situ communication tool that was designed to be placed in a mall for a pre-determined period of time of a week. Its aim was to spread awareness around Al Bustan classical music Festival, and increase footfall and tickets sales, by interacting with people and engaging with them, and by giving away free samples of the product which are concert tickets.


Name Company Role
Dalia Nahas blitz creative director
Maher dahdouh blitz art director