2016 Winners & Shortlists


CategoryUse of Exhibitions and Installations

The Brief

Music fans are used to downloading illegal music or purchasing music tracks online and saving on USBs, CDs, or their phones. They generally care about staying up to date, organizing their libraries, yet they hate it when they lose their usbs or run out space. We needed to demonstrate that with Anghami, they can discover all the songs in the world and never worry about space or updating their libraries. We needed to change old habits from MP3s to on demand. Our strategy was to tap into real life moments and demonstrate the value of Anghami.

Creative Execution

Our idea was simple, we created, CAR-aoke, which allowed people to choose any song they like, pump up the volume, and dance, scream, shout, sing... The Anghami CARaoke challenge became the anchor of our campaign and the source of engagement and content. At the show, we had a stand where we placed a Grand Jeep Cherokee, a car that had an impeccable sound system which allowed us to use the car as the sound booth to demo Anghami and record CAR-aoke challenges by placing a Go Pro on the dashboard. The steps to CAR-aoke challenge where simple, come with a friend, get in the car, choose any song and have fun. The exhibition ran for 5 days, we hosted visitors and welcomed local artists who came to our stand to launch their new releases. The content created allowed us to reach people beyond the motor show on social.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Overall the Motor Show allowed us to engage with consumers, gather insights, have fun, and build social traction. Local artists in UAE like Esther Eden, Menon, Moh Flow and more came down to visit us to join the CARaoke. We also launched and from our stand 2 exclusive tracks for top artists in the UAE. Kris Fade and Two Tone, and Abdel Kareem Hamdan. In summary, our achievements: Over 3000 people engaged during the show Over 1000 people registered to receive a promo code to use Anghami premium service 8/10 people concurred that Anghami is a service they would use everyday 5/10 users downloaded the app on the spot Over 50 CARaoke videos recorded Over 250,000 views online of CARaoke content Over 1,000,000 people reached through content created Most importantly, we saw a 10% increase in active users during the period of the campaign in UAE and 5% in MENA.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Anghami is an on demand music streaming mobile app in MENA. One of our top listened to channels is music while "Driving". This entry is about Anghami's participation in Dubai International Motor Show as an official music partner. As a partner we had an exhibitor stand at the motor show that allowed us to bring our brand to life in the context of listening to music while driving, and demonstrate the experience while touching on real life moments with our audience.


Name Company Role
Rami Zeidan Anghami Head of Marketing
Sirine Hamade Tracylocke Director