2016 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantKAIRO Cairo, EGYPT
CategoryUse of Merchandising / In-Store Marketing
Entrant Company KAIRO Cairo, EGYPT
Advertising Agency KAIRO Cairo, EGYPT

The Brief

Our challenge was to engage our young customers during Valentine's and drive in-store sales and delivery orders. Given the clutter of brands communications during Valentine's we needed to find a way to engage and get the attention of our Millennial target. Our strategy was to move away from the cheesy LET'S CELEBRATE LOVE communications and reach our audience in a different way.

Creative Execution

one week before Valentines day a 15 second Gif like Video appeared on Instagram announcing the availability of the Valentine survival Glasses for free in all shops and with delivery orders. 48 hours before Valentine's day a sampling activity of the glasses in social clubs and universities was carried out. on Valentines's day a flood of pictures from TBS' and filled our Facebook and Instagram. As a result of the success of the activation we decided to reward our fans with a little brownie on Valentines day to amplify the promo.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Once the announcement was made on social media, people immediately started sharing and tagging their friends to the post, creating free media that is unsurpassed for the brand with awareness of the activation organically growing with almost no media spend. On Valentine's day Facebook and Instagram were flooded with selfies and pictures of people wearing the Valentine's Survival Glasses, under the hashtag #ValentineSurvivalGlasses. In total, social media engagement increased by over 400%. And from a commercial side, branches' sales and delivery orders increased by over 50% in the 48 hours before Valentine's day

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Valentine's day is a day where all brands communicate in EGYPT with a lot of promotional activities creating a clutter of red in the market. We created the "Valentine's Survival Glasses", a simple pair of cardboard glasses with a filter, that turn everything red into orange. One week before Valentine's we announced in a simple GIF like video on Instagram that the "Valentine's Survival Glasses" are available for free at all TBS (The Bakery Shop) branches and with all delivery orders. Customers entering the shops got the Glasses for free as well as customers making delivery orders in the week leading to Valentine's day to drive branch sales and the number of daily orders. We asked people to take photos with the #ValentineSurvivalGlasses under the same hashtag, if they feel there is too much red like TBS does.


Name Company Role
Hesham Ellabban KAIRO Executive Creative Director
Montasser Khalil KAIRO Creative Director
Sameeh Selim KAIRO Head Planner
Mahmoud Dogheim KAIRO Senior Planner
Sara El Sherbiny KAIRO Planner
Nora Aly KAIRO Art Director
Sarrah Abdelrahman KAIRO Writer
Walaa Abu El Aeinen KAIRO Digital Media Head
Mohamed Abd El-Hamid KAIRO Social Media Manager
Hazem Ragheb KAIRO Graphic Designer