2016 Winners & Shortlists


EntrantFP7/BEY Achrafieh, LEBANON
CategoryConsumer Products
Entrant Company FP7/BEY Achrafieh, LEBANON
Advertising Agency FP7/BEY Achrafieh, LEBANON

Creative Execution

We started by sharing simple posts on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, with the question ‘what’s your reason for lovin’us?’ The posts picked up at huge speed, we chose a creative comment each day, partnered up with a rising Jordanian A cappella band ‘Tarab aal hatab’, who turned each comment into a short song, we imagined the comment’s situation, animated and posted it within 24h! In a week we generated 7 animated short songs, later compiling them into a full track. We also shouted our love on digital LCD’s in a popular mall by screening top comments!

With a combined 32K likes on all posts, 3,166% more likes than previous campaign posts, 1.3K comments, 1 million views on all videos, a reach of nearly 2M people, and an increase of 5K likes on our Facebook page in 3 days. This online success translated into great business results, with up to 79% increase in sales, 65% increase in guest count, and 80% in delivery sales. All of which clearly placed McDonald’s as a top of mind choice again for our consumer!

Our client McDonald’s Jordan needed to increase sales and guest count, while regaining a top spot on their customers’ mind. While Jordanians loved the brand in terms of quality and pricing, due to many factors that affected the country, customers reduced unnecessary spending. Jordanians spend most of their time on social media and they’re not shy to express anything online, they even willingly write poems for the Big Mac. So we wondered, even if they’re not visiting us, is the love alive? We popped the ultimate question on the brand’s Facebook page ‘why do you love us?’ And Love us, they did. We teamed up with a popular A cappella Jordanian band, ‘Tarab aal hatab’ turning one creative comment into a short song each day, animating and posting it within 24h, for a week! Through this activation our client surpassed his objectives, while Jordanians felt entertained and serenated with love!


Name Company Role
Emile Atallah Fp7 Beirut Managing Director
Wissam Mattar Fp7 Beirut Creative Director
Nadyn Chalhoub Fp7 Beirut Copywriter
Jad Chamaa Fp7 Beirut Art Director
Chimene Azzi Fp7 Beirut Community executive
Mia Estephan Fp7 Beirut Senior Account manager
Faissal Shaar Fp7 Beirut Account Executive
Tarab 3al Hatab Tarab 3al Hatab A Capella performance group
Gabriel Ferneine Freelance Animator
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