2016 Winners & Shortlists


BrandOFF & ON
Entrant Company RÉPUBLIQUE Beirut, LEBANON
Advertising Agency RÉPUBLIQUE Beirut, LEBANON

Creative Execution

The final outcome of the website and its user experience and journey became an exact replica of the brand's real life experience on the ground. At first the user was welcomed onto the site by the barbershop, just has they are in the real world. Even navigating the site gave no indication that was anything else hidden behind the facade. However, the curious and perceptive would notice that one place on the site didn't feel quite the same as everywhere else and if they were inquisitive enough to investigate, they would be rewarded with the Off&On's alter ego venue.

Part of the reason that Off&On wanted to develop their online presence is that since their concept relies on them not communicating, their venue was experiencing a lot of empty nights. With the website up, they were able to build awareness and curiosity around the venue, without revealing too much about what happens inside. In Lebanon, mystery is a valuable commodity - if people feel a place has exclusivity, they come flocking. With the website up, word of mouth about the venue spread faster, bringing in increased reservations during the week.

Off&On is a barbershop that caters to fashion-conscious, young men who want stylists that understand the latest trends in men's grooming. That's what it is on the outside. To the privileged few in the know, behind the facade of the barbershop lies one of Beirut's best kept secrets: an underground after-hours club that welcomes those who have dug deep enough to know it exists. While Off&On depends on secrecy to fuel its brand, it still needed a website in order to have online presence. Our audience and potential are young, cultured individuals, always on the look out for what's different. The ones that are aware of Off&On's concept expect the brand to always be the trend - whether in experience or communication. For the website, it was important that the venue's dual identity be portrayed while also providing a unique, stand-out online experience, making it reflect their expectations from Off&On.


Name Company Role
Fadi Mroue République Executive Creative Director
Sami Kiwan République Senior Digital Art Director
Jules Kassas République Digital Art Director
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