2016 Winners & Shortlists


Grand Prix
1 of 3 Campaign
Entrant Company DU Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Production Company GOOD PEOPLE Beirut, LEBANON

The Campaign

du has been providing their customers two movie tickets for the price of one religiously on every Tuesday since the past two years. This has been supported through award winning campaigns that mimic movie scenes. However, 2016 being the third consecutive year, required a different approach. So, we took a bold decision of moving away from showing movie scenes and flexing big production value; and instead, created films that showcase the ‘behind the scene’ and ‘making off’ aspect of movies. An aspect that really excites the movie lovers today. This is the kind of materials movie lovers search for. Having said the above, this year’s execution are humorous and explore the unknown side of movie makers while narrating the story of the script with supporting photographs that replace movie scenes. The entire set up is like a promotional interview taking place which allows the interviewer to ask questions about the movie that the movie makers answer because of their character and end up revealing the entire story (which is generally not the case).

Creative Execution

Our award winning director Ali Ali took a very bold step by avoiding showcasing his intense directorial skills and focused on showing the film in an extremely simple manner. He had to wear the hat of a ‘behind-the-scene’ and ‘TV channel’ camera man to bring the concept to life in a simplistic manner. The interview shots are clean, modest and the photographs capture the story in an imaginative manner which was the intent from the start. He believed that photographs could potentially trigger a lot more emotions than having a video.


Name Company Role
Ahmed Zaki du Client
Ali Ali/Maged Nassar  Good People Creative Director 
Ali Ali/Maged Nassar  Good People Copywriters 
Saad Yusuf  Leo Burnett Dubai  Group Account Director 
Saad Yusuf  Leo Burnett Dubai  Account Director
Saad Yusuf  Leo Burnett Dubai  Planner 
Shereen Mostafa  Leo Burnett Dubai  Head of TV Production 
Shereen Mostafa  Leo Burnett Dubai  Agency Producer
Hosni Ali  The Garage  Sound Design 
Ali Ali//Maged Nassar  Good People Directors 
Good People  Good People  Production House 
Michel Abou Zeid/Cynthia Chammas  Good People  Producer 
Pedros Tamizian  Good People  Assistant Director 
Pierre Mourakech  Good People  DOP 
Filip Malasek/Amr Rabee  Robota/Lizards  Editor 
Sary Hany  Key 66  Music 
Luiz Paulo Furia  Lizards  Post Production 
Luiz Paulo Furia/Karim Mira  Furia/Lizards  Coloring 
Martin Kerjzlik  Freelance  Production Designer 
Rola Brzbohata  Unit Sofa  Line Producer