2013 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceSONY XPERIA ION
Advertising Agency FP7/DXB Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Brief Explanation

• On October 26, 2012, James Bond’s new movie ‘Skyfall’ landed in Dubai. In the film, Daniel Craig can be seen using the latest Sony Xperia Ion phone. Our brief: generate excitement around Sony's sponsorship of the film and its new flagship phone. • James Bond has always been associated with advanced technology. The kind that the new Sony Xperia ion has to offer. We also know that every Bond fan has at one time or another uttered the famous line – “The name is Bond, James Bond”. We combined these insights to create an exciting interactive game. • The idea perfectly showcased the sponsorship and the phone’s technology and allowed the target audience to live a Bond fantasy – start a Bond car using their phone and voice. • The ‘Say It Like Bond’ Challenge. We combined a London phone box, 4000 meters of cabling, a super-charged 2012 Aston Martin DBS, 6 computers, Arduino technology and a voice analytics engine which was built into an app on the phone itself. The participants had to say the famous line - "The name is Bond, James Bond". Our voice analytics engine then analyzed their voice against Daniel Craig's. And if their impression was good enough and matched Daniel's to 95% or more, it unlocked the doors and started the engine of the Aston Martin to indicate that they'd won. This was all done wirelessly and in a very 'Bond like way' with the help of a mechanical arm powered by Arduino technology. • We employed print, BTL and social media to drive people to the activation stand. Separate TVCs and cinema reels demonstrated the features of the phone. • In just 10 days, "The name is Bond, James Bond" was said 5,217 times by individual cinemagoers who grabbed the chance to live a part of their Bond fantasy. And 43 superb Bond impersonators managed to unlock and start the Aston's engine. Winners were given a Sony Xperia ion phone and a racetrack driving experience in the Aston Martin. By the end of the 10 days, Sony Stores in the Mall of the Emirates had registered a 60% increase in footfall and more importantly a 30% increase in sales of the phone.


Name Company Role
Paul Banham Fp7/Dxb Executive Creative Director
Sajesh Pudussery Fp7/Dxb Art Director
Alok Mohan Fp7/Dxb Copywriter
Clarisse Mar Wai May Fp7/Dxb Integrated Producer
Ryan Atkinson Fp7/Dxb Graphic Designer
Maroun Bakhos Fp7/Dxb Account Director
Alston D’sa Fp7/Dxb Account Manager
Khaled Hamza Fp7/Dxb Production Manager
Martin Yofre Momentum Mena Business Director
Sooraj T R Momentum Mena Senior Technical Lead
Uday Desai Momentum Mena Senior Technical Lead
Pankaj Nainwal Momentum Mena Senior Technical Lead
Kate Frame Momentum Mena Event Manager
Spyros Gousetis Sony Mobile Communications Director Marketing
Gita Ghaemmaghami Sony Mobile Communications Marcom Manager
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