2013 Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceDSL INTERNET
Entrant Company CINEMAGIC Salmiya, KUWAIT
Advertising Agency THE BUSTOP Salmiya, KUWAIT
Production Company CINEMAGIC Salmiya, KUWAIT
Production Company 2 NIRVANA FILMS Mumbai, INDIA

Brief Explanation

Qualitynet, had consistency in its speed. The competition was known to exaggerate its claims in regards to speed, promising customers what they couldn’t provide. The target was to reinvigorate the Qualitynet brand as a speed consistent provider that doesn’t exaggerate its services. Bollywood cinema has a loyal fan-base of Kuwaitis that dates back to the 70's. We juggled with the concept of the Kuwaiti phrase called "film-hindi" or "a Bollywood movie". This is a phrase that is synonymous with exaggeration. If someone exaggerates when telling you a story, you say "what is this? a Bollywood movie?". Our idea was to deliver the concept of speed and exaggeration within the framework of a “film-hindi” that is locally and culturally appreciated. We travelled to India and produced the advertisement there, with a RajniKanth impersonator taking the main role in a scene from a "lost Bollywood film of the past". , collected sound effects from early Bollywood cinema, and replicated the classic film look (with all its flaws, scratches, frame skips). We composed a Bollywood-style song, with indian-kuwaiti lyrics. And we ended it with our tagline: This isn't just an Bollywood film, This is the speed of Qualitynet.


Name Role
May Alsaleh Chief Creative Officer
Maryam Almotairy Executive Creative Director
Maryam Alkhatrash Creative Director
Bashar Alshatti Copywriter
Tarik Jammal Agency Producer
Mohammad Younis Producer
Abdulaziz Aljasmi Director
Tarban Studio Sound Studio
Nizar Algandi Sound Design/Arrangement
Cinemagic Post Production
Bashar Alshatti Music
Menal Rath Production Designer
Ravi K Chandran Cinematographer
Cinemagic Editing Company
Ramya Rao Production Manager