2013 Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Entrant Company RÉPUBLIQUE Beirut, LEBANON
Advertising Agency RÉPUBLIQUE Beirut, LEBANON

Brief Explanation

We needed to propose a creative solution that would cause a stir around the country without having to depend on a budget for a nationwide campaign. It was up to us to create a design that would be edgy enough to speak to a contemporary crowd while still reflecting the brand’s heritage of traditional craftsmanship.

The Brief

Ejjeh & Sons has been creating bespoke tailored clothing for its discerning clientele since 1926. Although known for their expertise and craftsmanship, younger generations also regarded the brand more closely related to their fathers than themselves. Having recently renovated their shop and having not advertised for a while, Ejjeh & Sons decided it was time communicate to a new generation of clients. Their brief was to create a talk-worthy communication solution that would reposition them as being more in touch with contemporary fashion while still reflecting their heritage of skill and tradition.

How the final design was conceived

By observing the way Ejjeh & Sons’ tailors worked we realized that their transition from sketch to suit was truly artistic. Their techniques and processes reflected the inspirational creativity behind their sartorial masterpieces. We chose to bring the tailoring and art world together by re-envisioning one of history’s most recognizable portraits through tailoring materials in a live stunt for hundreds to witness. With 3 months of preparation, 1,292 spools of thread in 63 colors (including specific shades flown in from China), 10 creatives, and 9 hours of set-up, we recreated the Mona Lisa in a way that defined Ejjeh & Sons’ dedication to bespoke tailoring.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

We received an unanticipated diversity of responses to our installation. Displayed in Ejjeh & Sons’ storefront on one Beirut’s busiest roads, the 3m x 2m installation was not only watched by a crowd as it was being installed but also by thousands of others in its finished form. Drivers slowed down to take pictures and pedestrians admired it, taking photos as if it were truly a piece of art. The American Community School also brought their art students to study the installation and the technique behind it. When the ‘making of’ video went online, it was exposed to further millions.


Name Company Role
Yasmin Murad République Copywriter
Mia Moussa République Designer
Sebouh Doniguian République Designer
Maguy Nakad République Designer
Jeanne D'arc Abou Khalil République Designer
Fadi Mroue République Creative Director