2013 Winners & Shortlists


Type of EntryDesign
Entrant Company JWT CAIRO, EGYPT
Advertising Agency JWT CAIRO, EGYPT

Brief Explanation

The Client's business objectives were to generate more revenue, acquire more customers and retain existing customers. Our communication objectives were to create hype and awareness about new Vodafone Recharge cards, have consumer ask for the Micro Recharge cards instead of their change and enhance our value perception (Magnify the value given across all cards). We were the first to launch such an item in the market.

The Brief

Vodafone planned to launch the Micro Recharge Cards: small-sized mini vouchers that offer the user a variety of additional minutes to enjoy for small values of money that vary from 50 Piasters to 2.00EGP. The idea behind the Micros was to acquire a bigger share of the consumer wallet, through enjoying the Micros instead of just change. The Micros can be also compared with FMCG products such as chewing gum, sweets and other products that are given to the customers instead of change. Once the user charges the card they are entitled to consume extra minutes featured on the micro-card.

How the final design was conceived

Our objective was to convey the mini communication value in a simple and recognizable way for our wide target audience (A to D class). The size of the micro card was capital to reflect the mini value, the cards were re-sized to look like mini recharge cards (hence mini communication value). The design, had to be simple, recognizable and very clear. Hence, we chose basic colors and our main feature in the card was the denomination. They were easily recognizable as per their unique size, clear color coding per denomination and their value being the main emphasis on the card.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Fakka revenues exceeded client's original target by 510%, it has increased average revenue per Vodafone user by 7% there has been a steady 10% increase in distribution of Fakka across the country and is still on the rise.


Name Company Position
Ramy El Kerdany JWT Senior Art Director
Baher Raouf JWT Senior Art Director
Youssef Gadallah JWT Associate Creative Director
Sameh George JWT Associate Creative Director
Khaled Zaki JWT Content Manager/Tv Producer
Hatem El Kashef JWT Planning Director
Shahira Akel JWT Business Associate Director
Nihal Nashed JWT Account Manager
Clotilde Malauzat JWT Account Executive
Mariam Abu Ouf JWT Director
Ramsey Naja JWT Chief Creative Officer