2013 Winners & Shortlists


Type of EntryDesign
Entrant Company JWT CAIRO, EGYPT
Advertising Agency JWT CAIRO, EGYPT

Brief Explanation

Embracing the change that Egypt is currently going through, our aim was to fuse history with Egypt’s present in one activation that inspired those who experienced it to visit Egypt. Thus we capitalized on Berlin’s heritage as the home of contemporary European art to create a citywide street art installation project

The Brief

Egypt is the official partner of ITB Berlin, Egypt is currently occupying the headlines of world news as a result of the events taking place in the country since the revolution. These events have created a new image of Egypt in the eyes of the world. Egypt was previously perceived as a destination that showcased eras of rich history, it is now also beheld as a destination where history is currently being made. We needed to showcase Egypt in a manner that fuses the country’s rich history, its bright-looking future and the brand idea Egypt inspires great stories.

How the final design was conceived

10 of Egypt’s best known modern artists flew to Berlin to use giant Ankhs; "more commonly known as the Key of Life. Originally a hieroglyphic symbol of eternal life", as blank canvasses to represent their vision of Egypt today. A 2 week workshop for the artists to work together In Berlin and inspire each other took place. Then we negotiated with the Berlin authorities to place the resulting Ankh artworks in outdoor spaces across the city. This started a non-political conversation with Berliners about Egypt and drew subtle attention to Egypt’s sponsorship of the ITB.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The news spread fast and the art installations ended up touring in exhibitions and art galleries till now.


Name Company Position
Rasha Georgy Jwt Cairo Business Director
Aref Fakhoury Jwt Cairo Account Manager
Mohamed Galal Jwt Cairo Senior Activation Manager
Wessam Shoukry Jwt Cairo Senior Activation Manager
Ibrahim Eslam Jwt Cairo Associate Creative Director
Yamen El Gamal Jwt Cairo Illustrator
Baher Raouf Jwt Cairo Senior Art Director
Nadia Hegazy Jwt Cairo Sr. Account Executive