2013 Winners & Shortlists

100,000 AIR MILES

Client/BrandBARWA BANK
EntrantAGENCY 222 Doha, QATAR
Type of EntryDesign
Entrant Company AGENCY 222 Doha, QATAR
Advertising Agency AGENCY 222 Doha, QATAR

Brief Explanation

To encourage more people to open accounts with Barwa Bank, the bank decided to offer up to 100,000 air miles to all new customers who transfer their liability (a common practice in Islamic finance of transferring your financial obligations from one bank to another). 100,000 air miles is the equivalent to a round trip to New York in addition to a round trip to Cairo AND Dubai, with miles to spare.

The Brief

With Qatar’s growing population and growing expat community comes a growing amount of people requiring local banking services. The retail department of Barwa Bank, an up and coming Islamic bank in Qatar, wanted to capture these potential banking customers. Their business aspirations was to grow their client base by 150% (from 300-450 new accounts per month)

How the final design was conceived

Creatively, we used famous landmarks like Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, Ramses II, Burj Khalifa etc. to show potential customer how far a Barwa Bank Current account can take them – i.e. what precisely their 100,000 miles could be converted into.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The campaign is ongoing and results are still being generated.


Name Company Position
Tim Styles Agency 222 Executive Creative Director
Fergus O'hare Agency 222 Creative Director
Sameh George Agency 222 Art Director/Copywriter
Youssef Gadallah Agency 222 Art Director/Copywriter
Sean Palmers Agency 222 Account Director
Tony Fares Agency 222 Account Executive