2013 Winners & Shortlists


Entrantquint Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Type of EntryDesign
Entrant Company quint Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Advertising Agency quint Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Brief Explanation

The objective of the event was to give designers an opportunity to showcase their creativity and ability to handle pressure, with support from friends adding more (cash) to the first prize. We focused on technical skill because we find the industry is lacking in these essential capabilities, especially now that digital platforms are prevalent. We also wanted to give designers the opportunity to get feedback from design professionals (the judges). This initiative is also part of our ongoing efforts to promote our design studio and give something back to the design community.

The Brief

Dubai was missing real playful graphic design duelling. Already a platform for creatives (quint magazine), quint found the opportunity to introduce a space for the design community to interact and learn. Design Duels brought together designers, design enthusiasts, and design professionals in a fun, casual environment. Designers had the chance to show off their skills and get real feedback as well as great prizes. The relaxed setting also gives non-competing creatives a chance to learn. The

How the final design was conceived

We took the word 'duels' and created an illustration which featured two designers in a duel stance, each with their creative weapons of choice. The illustration followed through on the venue branding, with vinyl stickers, banners, canvases, Dj booth, computer screens, and the interactive, animated cash prize display (A hostess at the door had an iPad connected to the screens inside. Every time a ticket was sold, the guest pressed a button on the iPad and the cash prize went up). It was important that the event was branded properly to promote quint's design services.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

20 designers, AED1500 prize, 4 runner ups, 7 judges (including CDs from major agencies), and a good time all around at a busy venue. The critical creative atmosphere was the real, unquantifiable value of Design Duels, in that it provided a fresh, much needed and widely lauded platform for designers. As a result of the launch event, we received interest from sponsors to take the event to Europe. We also received interest from the local design industry, so we'll be continuing the event on a regular basis. The next event will take place at Sikka Art Fair 2013 (Dubai).


Name Company Position
Zaina Shreidi Quint Editor In Chief
Gyula Deak Quint Founder/Creative Director
Fares Bou Nassif Quint Deputy Editor
James De Valera Deep Crates Cartel Founder/Dj
Ahmed Ismail Cipher Entertainment Founder
Giorgio Mardinian Deep Crates Cartel Dj
Iain Akerman Campaign Middle East Editor
Peter Bidenko Leo Burnett Creative Director
Marwan Saab Lowe Mena Creative Director
Mansoor Bhatti Livingroom Creative Director
Elliott Brown Design Director/Co-Founder Moloobhoy/Brown
Peter Saghegyi Creative Managing Director Sentiomedia
James Coburn Deep Crates Cartel Dj